How the Safari LT is the Alternative Power Solution for Your CPAP Machine

How the Safari LT is the Alternative Power Solution for Your CPAP Machine

Your CPAP machine has made a world a difference in your sleep, but the more you use it, the more you worry that something might disrupt your machine’s effectiveness. Things like power outages, natural disasters, and travel can keep you from using your CPAP machine and getting the sleep you need.

Your doctors have likely advised you never to skip a night of CPAP therapy - and for a good reason. If your airway becomes blocked, your body doesn’t receive enough oxygen, which could impair your blood pressure and lead to restless sleep, morning headaches, and loud breathing.

For those reasons, it’s critical to have a CPAP solution to prevent you from missing a night of sleep apnea treatment even when you don’t have power.

Enter the Lion Safari LT - the answer to your worries. 

The Lion Safari LT is a portable and sustainable power source that you can use anywhere. It’s a safe lithium battery that can hold its charge for up to six months at a time so it can power your CPAP machine for months at a time. 

Your CPAP machine is supposed to help you - it shouldn’t be an added worry. The Safari LT is the best reliable power solution for helping you sleep no matter what circumstances you’re in.

Never Miss a Night

Have you ever had the power go out while you’re using your CPAP machine in the middle of the night? It’s frustrating to wake up and find that your CPAP machine isn’t running when you need it. 

But if you use the Safari LT, you aren’t reliant on your home’s electricity to run your CPAP machine. The Safari LT holds long-term lithium battery power completely separate from the electric system of your home. The power could go out for days, and you’d still be able to use the Safari LT. 

Not only is it an independent power source, but the Safari LT is also portable. It weighs only ten pounds, so you can easily take it camping and on road trips. 

You might be thinking that you could just get a portable CPAP machine instead of the Safari LT, but no portable CPAP machine has the power capacity of the Safari LT. What’s more, the Safari LT is significantly more versatile than a portable CPAP. 

Basically, you get a lot more for your money when you buy a Safari LT.

No Added Noise

One of the biggest concerns people have about CPAP machines is the noise they make. But quieter and quieter options are coming out on the market. 

So the last thing you want to do is use a traditional gas generator to run the CPAP machine when you’re traveling. Not only are gas generators unsustainable, but they’re also a lot of work to maintain and noisier than your neighbor playing the drums every night. 

The Safari LT, on the other hand, is silent. Not just quiet. It’s silent. 

It can be silent because it uses the lithium battery instead of gas to power connected devices. With the benefit of silence, you’ll have no noise and no worries to keep you up at night.

Long-term Power Source

The lithium battery in the Safari LT is designed to power all sorts of appliances for long periods of time. Even better, you can drain and recharge it over and over - it’s resilient enough to last through 1000 charge cycles.

For added sustainability, the Safari LT also connects to Lion solar panels to give you constant alternative energy. 12v solar panels completely free the Safari LT from any reliance on your home electricity.

How to Charge Your Lion Safari LT

Charging your Safari LT is a simple process. The front of the power generator has a section labeled “INPUT.” You can choose whether to charge from a wall outlet, your car, or a solar panel. Then select the charging cord and insert it into the appropriate input. 

How to Use Output Energy

Now, to use the Safari LT, you press and hold the power button until the screen turns on. The screen will show you the battery level. After the unit is on, press and hold one of the output buttons. When the light beside the button turns on, you can plug your CPAP machine into the generator.

There are two output buttons on the Safari LT, and each activates a section of output options. The first output button is on the front of the generator and activates the 12V 5A, 12V 10A, and various USB outputs. The second output button is on the side of the Safari LT and activates the AC outputs.

A Versatile Generator Replacement

While your biggest concern right now may be running your CPAP machine, you’ll likely find many uses for the Lion Safari LT generator. It’s the best alternative generator option on the market for longevity and versatility.

The Safari LT has the capacity to do anything from charging a phone to running a mini-fridge or TV. You can keep it at home, put it in a shed, take it to a tailgate, or head out on the road with it. 

But most of all, the Safari LT has the power to protect your sleep every single night. Still have questions? Click here to find your answers.