Morningside Lion Prowler

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The Lion Prowler is a portable wireless charging and USB power bank with a built in flashlight and lamp.
  • Wirelessly charge Qi enabled smart phones and watches.
  • Plug in and charge any USB or USB-C device.
  • Light a room with the built in lamp and flashlight.
  • Easy to carry and transport for on-the-go power.
  • TSA approved.


Packed with Capabilities

Wireless Charging
1 x Qi standard device, up to 10W

LED Flashlight
Backed by 9 LEDs, it provides a solid light and
has optional emergency flashing mode.
USB Charging Ports
2 x USB-A - 5V @ 3.1A (15W)
1 x USB-C - 5V @ 3A (15W)
Flight Friendly
Passes TSA regulations 
for carry-on lithium batteries.
Rough and Ready
Rugged design can withstand 
drops, splashes, and spills.

Prowler Specs

Battery Lithium Ion Outputs
1 x Wireless Charger - 10W
2 x USB-A Ports - 5V - 3.1A @ 15W
1 x USB-C Port - 5V - 3A @ 15W
Rated Capacity 74 Wh - 20,000 mAh Recharge Input
Micro USB or via USB-C
(Micro USB / USB Charging Cable Included)
Weight 1.5 lbs

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