The Lion Energy journey began in 2001. Frank Davis initially started this venture to help people prepare for potential emergencies. Initially, the focus was healthy food that allowed people to be self-reliant. The company became known as Food for Health. Emergency food was just the beginning. We realized we could help in other areas of preparedness such as water, lights, and power. Our passion for portable power ignited. We wanted to provide the safest, most reliable, silent portable power products and we wanted it to be clean and renewable. Our goal is to create products that are good for people and good for our planet.

We began selling portable power generators in 2012 and saw an incredible demand for our first generator.  In 2014, our total focus became on portable power and so the Lion Energy company was born. Lion Energy’s built their foundation upon the principles of unmatched safety, unwavering reliability, and continual renewability advancements. That foundation coupled with a promise of excellent customer service has led to a growing brand with an extremely loyal customer base. Our customers have complete faith in their ability to trust all things Lion Energy. 

As we forge ahead, the foundations of customer experience, safety, reliability and innovative renewability remain.  We are committed to a continued focus on providing the best emergency preparedness power, portable solar power, and home storage power. Lion Energy is committed to providing our customers peace of mind and the freedom to live life on their terms.
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