Focus on Fishing - Not Your Batteries

No one wants to worry about their trolling motor
batteries while they're after the next big catch.
Traditional agm lead acid marine batteries are heavy,
limited on power and a hassle to recharge.

But there is a better way, and Lion Energy can help.

Lithium-Ion Trolling Motor Batteries

At Lion Energy, we believe that Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries are the way to go now and in the future. The Lion Safari UT™ 700 is a perfect battery to power a trolling motor, and here’s why:

  • 100% depth of discharge. You can use all the power and recharge it completely, whereas the lead-acid batteries only give you half energy and therefore half the usage time.
  • Extremely lightweight. Our UT 700 weighs in at 17 lbs, which is nothing compared to the 65+ lbs lead-acid batteries.
  • Lasts a lifetime. The UT 700 can be drained and recharged over 3,500 times. Outlasting any lead-acid battery by YEARS. That’s why we back it with a 10-year limited warranty.
  • Maintenance Free. The UT 700 works day in and day out—holding a charge for 3X longer than most lead-acid batteries.

What Makes Lithium-ion Batteries Better?

It’s clear that Lithium-Ion batteries are far superior to the old lead-acid batteries. But what advantages will you see from switching your boat’s trolling power source?
  • Increased range! Instead of killing your batteries in a full day of fishing, you can now troll around for twice as long on our batteries. The UT 700 can also be recharged with solar, which is a nice feature for extended fishing trips. Say goodbye to “range anxiety!”
  • Go faster! Your boat’s top speed will increase due to the decrease in weight from the batteries.
  • Go farther! Better gas mileage when running the main motor.

  • Hello friend! Some fishermen even take advantage of the weight loss by adding another fisherman to their boat.
  • Less headaches! Don’t have to maintain lithium batteries, don’t have to charge them as often, don’t have to have as many as lead-acid batteries.

Making the Switch to Lithium

So if you’re on the fence about switching to Lithium-Ion, let’s help you move off the fence and into a whole new and better world of fishing.

Here are some frequently asked questions we get and answers to help you make the move:

If I switch to lithium, would I need a new charger?

You don’t NEED a new charger. The lead-acid charger will work just fine 99% of the time (just slowly). If you have a full night to charge, then it is less of a concern.

However, if you already have a nice charger, many of them already can be re-programmed to a Lithium specific mode. This will increase your charging speed and maximize the capacity (i.e. range) of your batteries.

These batteries have the capacity to charge very quickly. With the right charger, you can potentially have the battery charged in 1 hour! These batteries have the potential to charge in 1 hour! This can be a game-changer for the pro fisherman who forgot to plug in his boat the night before. So, at the end of the day, you will get some amazing benefits from upgrading, regardless of the charger. But, getting a Lithium specific charger will get you faster charge times and allow you to use the full capacity of the battery (instead of ~80%).

How long will these batteries last?

There are several factors that can affect how long your batteries will run before they are fully depleted (e.g. how choppy the water is, how windy it is, whether you are trolling constantly or intermittently).

However, for reference, one of our walleye fisherman customers reported that, in his 18.5ft boat loaded to 3500 lbs, he got 12 continuous hours of uninterrupted trolling between 1-1.5 MPH with three UT 700s.

Another customer, a pro bass fisherman, reports being able to compete in a multi-day tournament (both 2 and 3-day tournaments) without having to charge his batteries during the tournament.

Both customers’ motors have 112 lbs of thrust, and both customers are using three UT 700s in a 36V configuration. And remember, all three of those batteries weigh less than 50 lbs total!