Emergency Preparedness Kit

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Life doesn't also go as we plan. Stuff happens. Emergencies happen. Now you can be prepared with renewable sources of portable power for anything life throws at you.

The Lion Emergency Prep Kit has what you need to keep the essential things powered wherever you need them -- from communication devices like phones, TVs, and computers to lights, mini refrigerators, and many other devices. This kit uses the sun and lithium battery technology.

This Emergency Prep Kit comes with:

1 x Lion Safari LT Power Unit 
      500W AC, USB, 12V Outputs and only 11 lbs
1 x 100 Watt Folding Solar Panel
1 x 25' Anderson Cable
1 x 3 Light Bulb String
      3 LED lights with 15' cords and individual on/off switch
1 x Hand Crank
      for when the sun isn't out, you can still recharge the Safari LT power unit.

1 x Lion Cub GO Power Unit
      150W AC, USB, 12V Outputs and only 3 lbs
1 x Cub GO 20 Solar Panel
1 x Lion Cub JC
      an amazing vehicle jump starter, air compressor, USB power and 3 stage flashlight

This package gives you all the parts you'll need to being prepared for any situation. We made it so it takes out all the guess work for you, everything is right here in one purchase,  all the components work together, gives you the power you need, and it's  bundle together so you can save money.  

If you were to purchase these individually it would be $1,446, purchase as a package and save!