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Whether you're just getting into tailgating or it's an art form to you, you've got to have power.  The Lion Tailgating package gives you the power you need for the grill, TV, radio, and phones. You’ll have all the power you need to be the talk of the tailgaters.

The package includes:

1 x Lion Safari LT
2 x Lion Cub GO
1 x Lion 100
1 x Cub JC
2 x Light Sets

This package gives you all the parts you'll need to have the best tail gate party! We made it so it takes out all the guess work for you, everything is right here in one purchase,  all the components work together, gives you the power you need, and it's  bundle together so you can save money.  

If you were to purchase these individually it would cost you $1,453, purchase it together as a package and save!