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Understanding the Depths of the Energy Crisis

Tom Tolman

Tom Tolman
Concerned Citizen
Chief Engineeer

If you’re a concerned citizen like me I’m deeply invested in the welfare of future generations, I’ve found myself losing sleep over the state of our American Power Grid. The vulnerabilities it faces, whether from natural disasters like storms or deliberate attacks, have left me gravely concerned. The future that my children and grandchildren will inherit hangs in the balance.

Key worries that weigh heavily on my mind:

  • The strain from Electric Vehicles is overwhelming our already maxed-out grid.
  • Increasing global temperatures lead to frequent natural disasters like storms, blackouts, floods, and fires.
  • Ongoing global conflicts, cyber attacks, and terrorism put us at unprecedented risk.
  • Over the last 60 years, average US consumer energy usage has skyrocketed, surpassing the grid’s intended capacity by 100 times.
  • Our power grid’s vulnerabilities leave us exposed to potential catastrophic outcomes from various threats and challenges.

Lion Energy Powers the Future

Lion Energy Products

Reshaping the Energy Crisis

We’ve tackled the challenge of the aging grid and unlocked an almost boundless, portable, and silent power source that’s incredibly safe. At Lion Energy, we’ve devised an affordable method to deliver this cutting-edge technology right to your doorstep.

Energy storage and solar technology has a history of use within government, military, and the financially capable. However, over the past decade-plus, our focus in emergency preparedness has led to significant investments in engineers, technology, and the supply chain. As a result, we’re now able to introduce a comprehensive range of products catering to EVERY power need, all driven by renewable energy sources.

Home with Sanctuary installed

Solar Power and Energy Storage Benefits:

  • Affordable
    Through substantial investments in technology, supply chain, and more, we’ve decoded the method to bring this to every American household.
  • Portable
    Often, we witness emergencies leaving thousands without heat, food, water, or essential medical devices. It’s time for a change.
  • Lifesaving
    In our fast-paced lives, our power needs are increasing. Craft your personalized “microgrid” to suit your unique lifestyle demands.
  • Empowering
    Take control over your and your loved ones’ safety. Don’t stay vulnerable as you wait for assistance—begin by helping yourself!


FBI Director Christopher Wray recently warned national security and intelligence experts that the risks that foreign governments pose to U.S. national and economic security are “upon us now” — and that U.S. critical infrastructure is a prime target.*

To combat this, Lion Energy designs and engineers all our software and firmware in the USA, eliminating the potential for infiltration by any foreign power.

You can be assured that Lion Energy software and products are safe from foreign influence and exposure.


Step It Up

Advance From Small-Scale To High-Impact Power Solutions

Uninterrupted Power On The Go

Introducing The Lion Safari + XP Solar Generator

Lion Safari + XP
  • 3,000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
    Run larger appliances like fridges, freezers, laptops, heaters, power tools, TVs, and emergency radios while also providing reliable support for delicate electronics, microchips, and medical devices such as CPAP machines, with energy use resembling the grid.
  • Bluetooth Enabled
    An intuitive LED screen and user-friendly app make it effortless to use. Whether it’s a child or someone not tech-savvy, rest assured, setup is straightforward. No guesswork about your available or future power capacity.
  • Portable with Split Design
    Triple your device power with our split design. Whether you’re on the move with Safari or setting up a ‘base camp’ with the portable Expansion pack, our solution keeps you powered anywhere.
  • Multiple Outlets
    With a total of 9 outlets with AC, USB, USB C, and 12V, you can power everything you need when and where you need.
  • LiFePO4
    Inferior batteries can be risky and offer far fewer lifecycles, sometimes as low as 500… whereas our lithium iron phosphate batteries boast 3500+ lifecycles, lasting 7X longer.
  • Gas Free
    No gas means no noise, no emissions, and safe indoor use. During emergencies, rest assured you’re shielded from looters, the risk of gas stations running out, and more.

Lightweight and Lifetime Warranty

Best Selling Lithium Batteries

UT 1300 BT
  • LifePO4
    The UT 1300 BT, outshines lead acid with a whopping 3,500+ lifecycles compared to as few as 500 in lead acid. With faster charging, longer life, and higher energy density, they provide more reliable and efficient power for extended periods
  • Extended Use
    Extend Camping or Usage Time by 2X compared to lead acid batteries. Lead acid damage occurs if over 50% is used, unlike our battery that tolerates complete discharge to 0% without any damage, allowing full recharge cycles
  • Lightweight
    Conventional lead acid batteries surpass 50 lbs, whereas our lithium batteries weigh 23 lbs or less. This significant weight difference greatly impacts travel, reducing cargo load and cutting down on fuel expenses
  • Lifetime Warranty
    Our battery has a LIFETIME warranty – We are so confident that our battery will be the last one you ever need…we gave it a lifetime warranty
  • Maintenance Free
    Doesn’t require tasks like electrolyte checks or water top-ups, common in other battery types, and they retain their charge for up to 2 years
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
    Ensures battery safety, longevity, and optimal performance by monitoring and managing its health during charging, discharging, and overall operation
  • Expandable
    Our batteries boast expandability through a modular design, enabling the connection of additional units in series or parallel. This expandability offers flexibility in increasing storage capacity or voltage output, accommodating diverse power needs without necessitating a complete system replacement
  • Accessories
    In our Savannah series, we offer a comprehensive range of essential accessories, including solar panels, battery chargers, MPPT, and inverters. This ensures that all necessary components are available in one lineup, streamlining your setup process

Portable Power Redefined With Handheld
Banks For On-The-Go Energy

  • Lightweight And Portable
    Conveniently carry anywhere, anytime – perfect for flights, day trips, and backpacking adventures.
  • Big Power(BMS)
    Unleash continuous power for your essentials - charge phones, laptops, drones, earbuds, smartwatches, tablets, and more, anywhere, anytime.
  • Wireless
    Equipped with both wired and wireless charging options, liberating you from cord entanglements.
  • Renewable
    Connect our 10W to 50W portable solar panels, ensuring power availability no matter your location.

Power Up With Purpose

Choose The Ideal Power Unit For Your Pursuits



RV enthusiasts, lithium batteries mean lightweight, high-capacity energy sources that sustain longer journeys off the grid.




Sailors harness the efficiency of lithium to power their vessels, ensuring extended trips without compromise.




Lithium-based portable units provide on-the-go energy for camping, hiking, and more.




In times of crisis, lithium-based emergency power units become lifelines, providing dependable energy when it’s needed most.




Home energy storage systems enable a sustainable lifestyle, offering reliable power backup and energy efficiency.


What You Can Power

Devices Watts Prowler
Power Bank
Eclipse Mag
Power Bank
Power Bank
Solar Generator
Solar Generator
Safari + XP
Solar Generator
Led Lamp Watts: 4W Prowler: 18.5 Hrs Eclipse Mag: 24.8 Hrs Trek: 21 Hrs Summit: 146 Hrs Safari: 354 Hrs Safari + XP: 946 Hrs
Earpods Watts: 5W Prowler: 37X Eclipse Mag: 45X Trek: 45X Summit: 116X Safari: 268X Safari + XP: 756X
Watch Watts: 14W Prowler: 60X Eclipse Mag: 78X Trek: 78X Summit: 41X Safari: X Safari + XP: X
Phone Watts: 5W Prowler: 6X Eclipse Mag: 10X Trek: 10X Summit: 116X Safari: 141X Safari + XP: 378X
Tablet Watts: 30W Prowler: 2X Eclipse Mag: 3X Trek: 3X Summit: 19X Safari: X Safari + XP: X
Laptop Watts: 56W Prowler: 1.5 Hrs Eclipse Mag: 2 Hrs Trek: 2X Summit: 11X Safari: 14X Safari + XP: 51X
DSLR Camera Watts: 10W Prowler: 7 Hrs Eclipse Mag: 9.4 Hrs Trek: 8 Hrs Summit: 58 Hrs Safari: 81 Hrs Safari + XP: 261 Hrs
Drone Watts: 40W Prowler: 1.9 Hrs Eclipse Mag: 2.5 Hrs Trek: 2 Hrs Summit: 14 Hrs Safari: 20 Hrs Safari + XP: 65 Hrs
Gaming Units Watts: 25W Prowler: 3 Hrs Eclipse Mag: 4 Hrs Trek: 4 Hrs Summit: 23 Hrs Safari: 32 Hrs Safari + XP: 104 Hrs
Mini Fridge Watts: 36W Prowler: Eclipse Mag: Trek: 2 Hrs Summit: 16 Hrs Safari: 39 Hrs Safari + XP: 105 Hrs
55" LED TV Watts: 75 W Prowler: Eclipse Mag: Trek: Summit: 9 Hrs Safari: 19 Hrs Safari + XP: 50 Hrs
CPAP Watts: 50W Prowler: Eclipse Mag: Trek: 1.7 Hrs Summit: 15 Hrs Safari: 28 Hrs Safari + XP: 75 Hrs

Your Energy, Your Way:
Build a Custom Energy Storage Kit

Design a storage solution that aligns with your energy demands

Get a Free 10W Solar Panel with Any Purchase


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Safari + XP
It’s great I really like it. It does a great job for what I need it for. I totally recommend this machine to anyone who needs a portable generator.

– Chuch H.

This is a great tool for backup power. The quality is extraordinary. Light weight and compact. The battery charged quickly from the wall and the solar component keeps it charged afterwards. Highly recommend this.

– Trent L.

The rugged build in the rubberized box inspires confidence... Just this morning, I was charging the Trek off an 18W solar panel in my backyard while it, in turn, was topping off my cell phone's battery.

Benjamin N.

UT 1300
We swapped our measly 81AH Interstate battery out for a pair of UT 1300s, giving us over 2-1/2 times the run capacity now... The batteries are EXTREMELY WELL PACKAGED ensuring they arrive in tip-top condition.

– A.D. W.

Fast delivery, outstanding product. Nicely engineered, lightweight ,and plenty of "on the go" power, or emergency use. The LiFePO battery was essential for my purchase.

– Dan G.

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Experience peace of mind today, ensuring safety for you and your loved ones with no credit check required. Our payment plans allow you to pay over time, ensuring self-reliance without financial strain. Take advantage of our Affirm option at checkout – because self-reliance should be within reach for every American, even without extra funds of $2K to $10K lying around.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Peace Of Mind With Our Unbeatable Warranty

You’ll receive our ironclad money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product return it within 30 days for a full refund. Lion Energy products are safeguarded by a 5 year warranty on all solar generators and power banks, and our UT1300 comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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