Lion Sanctuary™

Residential Smart Energy Storage System

Home battery backup for those unexpected energy emergencies.
Lion Sanctuary

Prepare for the next power outage with the safest, quietest backup power generator.

The Lion Energy Sanctuary system stores 13.5kWh of backup power to automatically keep your house running during those unexpected power outages.

Avoid noisy, fuel-powered generators that require upkeep and maintenance. The Sanctuary uses lithium iron phosphate battery cells to give you immediate power that is safe, silent, and renewable. No maintenance is required.

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Weather the Storm

Losing power isn't fun. The average power loss duration in the US is 8 hours and increasing. You don't have to go without power during emergencies. Our essential Lion Sanctuary energy storage solution is a perfect option for 95% of the power outages, keeping your essentials (e.g. fridge, lights, outlets, furnace, and WI-FI) running for the duration. The Sanctuary uses advanced technology as part of our LionESS (Energy Storage System).

For residents that live in higher risk areas for hurricane or flood zones, the average power outage duration is roughly 25 hours. We've got you covered with expandable options of the Lion Sanctuary.

With the Inflation Reduction Act, residential batteries installed in 2023 can qualify* for the 30% federal tax credit, even if they aren’t attached to solar panels. This may allow you to save thousands and is a key to unlocking affordable, clean energy.

*To qualify, the taxpayer must be the owner of the battery system, must have taxable income, and the system must be installed at the taxpayer’s residence. It can only be claimed on the original installation of the system, and the battery must be as least 3 kilowatt-hours (kWh) in size. Other conditions may apply to your personal situation. Please refer to a tax expert in your area. Source:


When working with our installation partners, keep in mind that we are registered for financing through the following companies.

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Lion Sanctuary™

The perfect system to give you critical energy backup for those unforeseen power emergencies.


Grid, gas generators, panels, wind turbines, all produce energy that is pushed to our incredibly safe lithium iron phosphate battery storage system.

Our expandable and maintenance-free battery storage system holds energy for when and where you need to use it, creating a perfect 24/7 energy backup for your home.*


You decide the size of your backup system. You can be prepared to cover just your essentials for the duration of an outage or power everything in your home for longer.

Proprietary software monitors the level of your energy storage and pulls power from the least expensive source at the best possible time, so you are always efficient with your power usage.*


Use the right amount of power at the right time. Even “fill up” portable energy sources so you can have power remotely.

"Time of use” allows you to reduce the cost of your energy by powering up the Sanctuary during lower-cost times and using it during higher-cost periods.

Be protected 24/7. Have peace of mind.

* Lion Energy does not sell home solar panel systems. To add solar to integrate with your Lion Sanctuary system, please contact a licensed provider in your area.

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Smart Energy Storage

The Lion Sanctuary dramatically reduces energy cost when either paired with solar panels or in areas that have peak billing.

Solar panels typically are most efficient during periods of lower demand. Pairing solar panels with the Lion Sanctuary stores energy during the day for use during peak usage time in the evening and early morning.

In areas where energy costs have peak and off-peak billing times, the Sanctuary can be set to collect energy from the grid during off-peak times for use during peak hours, thus mitigating energy costs.

Backup Options - Pros/Cons

Sanctuary system Gas generator Portable lithium generators


Can be expanded to a larger capacity either at install or later when budget allows.
Higher Capacity
Higher potential energy storage capacity of over 30 kWh (a typical home uses ~30 kWh a day)
Lower Price per kWh
Lower price per kilowatt-hours at larger storage levels
Seamless Transition
In a power outage, power automatically begins to draw from the backup unit.
Higher Lifecycles
Stationary, permanently installed, lithium iron phosphate backups generally have 6,000+ lifecycles compared to ~3,500 lifecycles for portable-based units.
Longer Warranty
10+ years for a stationary unit compared to 3-5 for portables.
Bigger Inverters
Stationary units have bigger, more powerful inverters. This lets you power more items and larger appliances.
Run More Devices
With larger inverters and more capacity, you can run more items and larger appliances for longer.
More Efficient
Only draws the power that is needed.
Inside Installation
Some lithium iron phosphate systems, like the Sanctuary, are safe to install indoors.
Fed Tax Credit
May qualify for up to a 30% tax credit based on the Inflation Reduction Act.
HELOC Financing
As a permanent addition to your home, this purchase qualifies as an appropriate home equity loan purchase.
Renewable Sources
Can be recharged through renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.
Silent and Safe
No moving parts create a quient experience. And with no fumes or emissions, there is no danger to your health.
Home Resale Value
May increase the resale value of your home.
Traditional Concept
A traditional, cumbustible engine. The style used for the past 20 years for home energy backup.
Can be removed from the home setup and taken as a portable unit.
Second Location
As a removable unit, you can reattach to a setup in a different house.


Smaller Capacity
Cannot expand beyond ~22 kWh of total capacity.
Smaller Inverter
Due to limited capacity, you have to run less items for less time.
Shorter Lifecycles
Portable units have ~3,5000 lifecycles compared to 6,000+ for stationary units.
Shorter Warranty
2-5 year warranty.
Dated Technology
Combustible engines are dated technology compared to battery-based systems.
Loud Engine
Combustible engines, regardless of their build, create noise.
Ongoing Cost
Ongoing purchase of fuel and maintenance.
Not Exapandable
Once you purchase your unit, that's all you get. To increase capacity, you must replace the entire unit.
Outside Installation
Must be installed outside to due fumes, emissions, or volatile chemistry.
Not Renewable
Cannot be recharged with renewable energy resources like solar and wind.
Provides full power output regardless of energy needs.
No Tax Credit
Does not qualify for a tax credit.
Additional Hardware
Requires additional hardware to be purchased to install system.
Manual Transition
Must be manually started on event of a power outage.
Phantom Power Loss
Due to additional features that are "always on". Power is constantly leaked to keep these features running.
Installation Required
Professional installation required.
Permits Required
State and/or local permits may be required for installation.

Top-quality technology

Smart Energy Storage is built using our proprietary technology of:

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery storage
  • Cutting-edge inverters
  • US-based engineering that interweaves monitoring software
  • Easy-to-use app technology
  • Ready to use anytime and anywhere

Compared to old tech that required:

  1. Fossil fuels in form of gas or natural propane
  2. Dangerous health-hazardous from fumes and fire issues
  3. Maintenance to ensure your system is ready to use
  4. Scarce availability of resources in an emergency
  5. Negative environmental impact
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“The Lion Sanctuary is a perfect solution to integrate a smart energy storage system with our current centralized electrical grid.”
—Tyler Hortin, President of Lion Energy
Sanctuary 1:1 system

Is Sanctuary Right For You?

  • Are you looking to protect yourself and your family in the event of a power loss?
  • Are you looking for a SAFE power solution that is maintenance-free?
  • Are you looking to add value to your home?
  • Are you looking for peace of mind?
  • Do you want to do your part to help our current energy crisis by implementing a smarter and more efficient use of energy?

Get a Free Safari ME

Buy any Lion Energy Sanctuary configuration and get a Safari ME portable power generator, a $999 value, absolutely free.

Advanced Design

With easy installation and a minimalist design, the compact, all-in-one construction features versatile mounting options for being mounted indoors, eliminating the ugly curb appeal issues with a large battery system attached to the outside of your house.

By using lithium iron phosphate, it is possible to install the Lion Sanctuary indoors. Other backup systems often use a lithium NMC design that can be combustible and should be installed on the outside of a structure.

Sanctuary 1:1 system with icons


Energy Capacity
13.5 kWh per unit

Backup Power
8 kW continuous
14 kW peak (10 secs)

Size and Weight
74.25 in x 18.5 in x 10 in (L x W x D)
375 lbs

DC to AC inverter efficiency: 96%
Round-trip efficiency: 94%
Max solar input: 12 kW

Integrated inverter and system controller
32°F to 86°F
Water and dust resistant

Meets North America safety and EMI standards.
Meets the most stringent safety protocols (UL9540, UL9540-A), which includes UL1741-SA and UL1741-SB for the inverter, and UL1973 for the battery (lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4).

10 years and an optional upgrade to a 25-year warranty.

Have more questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions section for more detailed information and specifications.

Better capabilities. Better solution.

The Lion Energy Sanctuary is the only lithium-based backup system that comes with installation included (reducing unexpected costs on the back end of the purchase) and comes standard with an inverter while others may only provide the battery. The Sanctuary has better energy capacity, max peak load, and max continuous load than the competition. In all, the Sanctuary gives you the most complete package for your emergency backup at a comparable price.

Powerwall 2
Guardian 14KW
2 Delta Pro
+ Smart Panel
+4B 300S
Placement Stationary Stationary Stationary Stationary Stationary Stationary Portable Portable              
Li NMC LiFePO4 Li NMC Li NMC Li NMC Gas LiFePO4 LiFePO4              
No (Only with Powerwall+) Yes (Storage) Yes (Hybrid) Yes (Hybrid) ? ? ? ?              
Coupling method (AC vs DC) DC AC DC DC AC ? AC AC              
Configuration flexibility Stack up to 10. 2 different capacities. Can stack up to 4. 4 different capacities. Can stack up to 2. Stack up to 3 per inverter, up to 3 inverters per system. None None Up to 2 units Up to 2 expansions per unit.              
capacity (kWh)
13.5 3.36 / 10.08 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 9.7 10 14 7.2 18.4              
power rating (kWh)
5.8 (no sun) / 7.6 (full sun) 1.28 / 3.84 3.4 / 4.5 / 5.6 / 6.7 5 (for 1) / 10 (for 2+) 81 7 7.2 5              
Max peak
load (kW)
10 (no sun) / 22 (full sun) 1.9 / 5.7 4.5 / 6.0 / 7.5 / 9.0 7.5 12 13.9 7.2 10              
Depth of discharge 100% 100% 84% 100% 90% ? 100% 100%              
90% 89% 90% 94.5% 81.6 N/A N/A N/A              
Warranty (years) 10 10 10 10 10 5 2 5              
End of warranty capacity 70% 70% N/A 70% 70% N/A N/A N/A              
Cycle clause N/A 4,000 N/A N/A 10,000 N/A 3,500 3,500              
UL 9540
Yes Yes Yes Yes              
equipment required
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes              
Est. price per
$0.56 N/A $0.75 N/A $1.43 $0.513 $0.58 $0.93              
Lion Sanctuary Stationary
Tesla Powerwall 2 Stationary
EnPhase IQ Stationary
Generac PWRCell Stationary
SolarEdge Home Stationary
Sonnen Eco10 Stationary
Generac Guardian 14KW Stationary
EcoFlow2 Delta Pro + Smart Panel Portable
Bluetti 2*AC500 +4B 300S Portable
Battery chemistry
Lion Sanctuary LiFePO4
Tesla Powerwall 2 Li NMC
EnPhase IQ LiFePO4
Generac PWRcell Li NMC
SolarEdge Home Li NMC
Sonnen Eco10 Li NMC
Generac Guardian 14KW Gas
EcoFlow2 Delta Pro + Smart Panel LiFePO4
Bluetti 2*AC500 +4B 300S LiFePO4
Inverter integration
Lion Sanctuary Yes (Hybrid)
Tesla Powerwall 2 No (Only with Powerwall+)
Enphase IQ Yes (Storage)
Generac PwrCell Yes (Hybrid)
SolarEdge Home Yes (Hybrid)
Sonnen Eco10 ?
Generac Guardian 14KW ?
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro ?
Bluetti 2*AC500 ?
Coupling method (AC vs DC)
Lion Sanctuary DC
Tesla Powerwall 2 DC
Enphase IQ AC
Generac PwrCell DC
SolarEdge Home DC
Sonnen Eco10 AC
Generac Guardian 14KW ?
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro AC
Bluetti 2*AC500 AC
Configuration flexibility
Lion Sanctuary Stack up to 8 batteries and 3 inverters (total of 24 kW / 108K kWh).
Tesla Powerwall 2 Stack up to 10.
Enphase IQ 2 different capacities. Can stack up to 4.
Generac PwrCell 4 different capacities. Can stack up to 2.
SolarEdge Home Stack up to 3 per inverter, up to 3 inverters per system.
Sonnen Eco10 None
Generac Guardian 14KW None
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro Up to 2 units
Bluetti 2*AC500 Up to 2 expansions per unit.
Usable capacity (kWh)
Lion Sanctuary 13.5 / 27 / 40.5
Tesla Powerwall 2 13.5
Enphase IQ 3.36 / 10.08
Generac PwrCell 9 / 12 / 15 / 18
SolarEdge Home 9.7
Sonnen Eco10 10
Generac Guardian 14KW 14
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro 7.2
Bluetti 2*AC500 18.4
Continuous power rating (kWh)
Lion Sanctuary 8 / 16 / 24
Tesla Powerwall 2 5.8 (no sun) / 7.6 (full sun)
Enphase IQ 1.28 / 3.84
Generac PwrCell 3.4 / 4.5 / 5.6 / 6.7
SolarEdge Home 5 (for 1) / 10 (for 2+)
Sonnen Eco10 81
Generac Guardian 14KW 7
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro 7.2
Bluetti 2*AC500 5
Max peak load (kWh)
Lion Sanctuary 14 / 27 / 42
Tesla Powerwall 2 10 (no sun) / 22 (full sun)
Enphase IQ 1.9 / 5.7
Generac PwrCell 4.5 / 6.0 / 7.5 / 9.0
SolarEdge Home 7.5
Sonnen Eco10 12
Generac Guardian 14KW 13.9
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro 7.2
Bluetti 2*AC500 10
Depth of discharge
Lion Sanctuary 100%
Tesla Powerwall 2 100%
Enphase IQ 100%
Generac PwrCell 84%
SolarEdge Home 100%
Sonnen Eco10 90%
Generac Guardian 14KW ?
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro 100%
Bluetti 2*AC500 100%
Lion Sanctuary 94%
Tesla Powerwall 2 90%
Enphase IQ 89%
Generac PwrCell 90%
SolarEdge Home 94.5%
Sonnen Eco10 81.6
Generac Guardian 14KW N/A
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro N/A
Bluetti 2*AC500 N/A
Warranty (years)
Lion Sanctuary 10 (25 available)
Tesla Powerwall 2 10
Enphase IQ 10
Generac PwrCell 10
SolarEdge Home 10
Sonnen Eco10 10
Generac Guardian 14KW 5
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro 2
Bluetti 2*AC500 5
End of warranty capacity
Lion Sanctuary 70%
Tesla Powerwall 2 70%
Enphase IQ 70%
Generac PwrCell N/A
SolarEdge Home 70%
Sonnen Eco10 70%
Generac Guardian 14KW N/A
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro N/A
Bluetti 2*AC500 N/A
Cycle clause
Lion Sanctuary 6,000 to 90%
Tesla Powerwall 2 N/A
Enphase IQ 4,000
Generac PwrCell N/A
SolarEdge Home N/A
Sonnen Eco10 10,000
Generac Guardian 14KW N/A
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro 3,500
Bluetti 2*AC500 3,500
UL 9540 certificate
Lion Sanctuary Yes
Tesla Powerwall 2 Yes
Enphase IQ Yes
Generac PwrCell Yes
SolarEdge Home Yes
Sonnen Eco10
Generac Guardian 14KW
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro
Bluetti 2*AC500
Additional equipment required
Lion Sanctuary No
Tesla Powerwall 2 Yes
Enphase IQ Yes
Generac PwrCell Yes
SolarEdge Home Yes
Sonnen Eco10 Yes
Generac Guardian 14KW Yes
Generac Guardian 14KW Yes
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro Yes
Bluetti 2*AC500 Yes
Est. price per Wh2
Lion Sanctuary $0.54
Tesla Powerwall 2 $0.56
Enphase IQ N/A
Generac PwrCell $0.75
SolarEdge Home N/A
Sonnen Eco10 $1.43
Generac Guardian 14KW $0.513
EcoFlow 2 Delta Pro $0.58
Bluetti 2*AC500 $0.93
1 Only 7 kW continuous on-grid
2 "Watt-hour". Estimate pricing is based off largest configuration system build out and includes - product price, average installation cost, average premit cost, and 30% tax credit (if qualified).
3 Gas generator has additional monthly and yearly cost not taken into consideration for gas and maintance.

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