9 Necessities for Van Life

9 Necessities for Van Life

Nomad living and van life are all the rage, today. Many people are working remotely from all over the country and living in movable living quarters. Others are retired. And others just take the opportunity to hop in the van whenever their schedule allows. There are all kinds of vans that people have converted into a living space. Regardless of the van type or the type of nomadic living you want to do, there are a few essentials to include in your van build or remodel.

  1. Portable power
    For those moments you need extra power. Whether you need to charge a laptop, phone, fridge or anything else within your van. It’s smart to have at least one extra power source.
  1. Toilet
    Obviously, there are times when you can easily go in nature but that is not always the case. It is not fun to search for a place to go to the restroom. This is especially trying if you have a toddler potty training or children in general.

  2. Solar power
    Solar power is one of the best additional power sources you can invest in, especially when van living. Your solar setup can be as simple as two solar panels and one portable power source to plug into.

  3. Fan
    The weather is not always ideal, even if you try to follow the cooler weather. If you travel with little ones or animals this can be especially troublesome. A fan ensures you can cool the van in any situation you would need.

  4. Shower
    You can definitely seek out lakes, rivers and other options for van living but again, that is not always ideal or available. It can also be a headache seasonally. A solar shower is a cheap option that works well. The sun heats the water and is extremely easy to use.

  5. Cooktop
    Often burn bans and such are in place that will limit your ability to use more natural resources to cook. For those moments, a cooktop is so simple and easy to use. You can typically get a really great cooktop for less than $50. It can also help heat up the van on chilly mornings. A cooktop opens up so many options in regards to food options when on the road.

  6. Running water
    You can have your water pump powered through your house battery or an additional power source like a battery-generated battery. Ideal setup includes a seven-gallon freshwater tank with a seven-gallon grey water tank under the sink. This can also be moved under the van to free up space. You want to be mindful of water usage and plan water dumping and conservation as necessary. If you don’t want to include water in the van, you can always tote buckets of water from a river when available.

  7. Fridge
    A fridge is pretty important. However, make sure you find one that pulls a small amount of power. Many types of fridges that people install suck an insanely high amount of power. A mini fridge isn’t a bad solution but many want something that can come in and out of the van. A portable cooler is a good option. 

  8. Roof rack
    The best roof racks are lightweight and customizable. The roof rack comes with so many possibilities. You can attach solar panels and constantly pull power. You can store a Thule on the roof rack with your clothes, outdoor gear and more. The storage alone is almost irreplaceable. You can also add a bike rack to the van easily.