Emergency Backup Power Units for Hospitals and Healthcare

Emergency Backup Power Units for Hospitals and Healthcare

Power Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

An uninterrupted power supply is critical in hospitals to support and protect the medical equipment and patients. Power failure can damage costly medical equipment, which can have an impact on the safety of the patients who are on life-saving machines. Another concern that comes with the loss of power is the loss of communications. This can prevent people from calling emergency services. An additional concern is data loss. Millions of important documents can be lost if servers go out. Not only is this a problem for the healthcare industry, but it can also wreak havoc on the banking, retail, and financial industries. That’s why it’s essential for hospitals and healthcare facilities to have a 24/7 emergency backup power system in place.

How Lion Energy Provides Safe and Reliable Power

Whether it’s a CAT Scan or an oxygen pump, Lion Energy has a long history of providing backup power to hospitals and health centers. Between charging flashlights and powering medical equipment (CPAP machine, etc.), hospitals need to ensure they have a renewable power source. A battery generator that has the capability to recharge through both solar panels and expansion packs is ideal. A comprehensive power system provides the hospital with more reliability, redundancy, and flexibility.

Lion Cub GO - Small on Size, Big on Power

Lion Cub GO is the smallest portable power generator to have a full-size standard wall outlet. It has 120Wh and 150W output from the Lithium battery source and can be charged from an AC source or by renewable sources, like the sun. Cub GO's battery technology holds a charge for an entire year. Come rain, snow, wind or earthquake, you’ll never be unprepared when a disaster strikes. For more tips on maintaining emergency power in health care facilities, contact the Lion family at (801) 727-9270 or support@lionenergy.com.