Gas-Based Generators vs. Lithium-Ion Batteries

Gas-Based Generators vs. Lithium-Ion Batteries

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That little extra boost of power can make all the difference, for everyday use or during emergencies. And there has always been that great debate regarding Gas-Based Generators versus Lithium-ion batteries. For some, gas-based has been the go-to despite some of the stigma attached to them. However, a growing, greener trend has emerged in the form of lithium-ion that is safe, silent and renewable. 

Why People Still Use Gas-based Generators

The fact is, they work. Gas-based generators provide people the power they need to backup what’s most important to them, from their homes to their RVs and beyond. And, despite their flaws, they continue to remain a contender in this game of power.

Companies progress all the time to improve gas-based generators to make them safer. While they work, and aren’t a bad option—are they the best one available? By switching over to natural gas, that’s only benefiting a portion. However, not much is done to actually change the overall risk that surrounds gas. Here are the problems with choosing gas-based generators.

The Problems Regarding Gas-based Generators

Not Environmentally Friendly

The use of gas can be harmful to the environment. When burned, it creates fumes that leave pollution lingering in the atmosphere, damaging both the earth and our bodies. Using them indoors is not an option, either. Fuel is also a limited source, especially when it comes to natural gas. It is not renewable. There is an increasing concern of sapping the earth’s natural gas reserve, especially if we don’t start making changes. Also, in times of crisis, finding available gas for the generators is difficult. 

Potentially Dangerous

Gas is a flammable substance. Its flammability is both desirable and concerning. We use the fuel to create energy to power the device. However, if an incident should ever occur, the gas from the generator could cause a fire or explosion. Burned fuel also releases carbon monoxide into the air, which hurts both the environment and people (especially if too much is inhaled). And you don’t want to use it indoors.


While gas-based generators can be functional and useful, they can also be just as inconvenient. Gas-based generators require a lot of upkeep in order to remain functional and appealing. When preparing for a storm, for example, fuel must be on your checklist. Otherwise, your generator will not run without its fuel source. They need tune-ups and replacement parts. And they can get messy. 


This may not apply as much if you’re using it for your home because they have to be used outside. However, this may be a problem if you’re camping. Your neighbors may not appreciate the noise, or there may be a time constraint.

There’s a Better Way

Lithium-ion Batteries

When you look at the broader picture, you may question what’s really the difference between finding fuel and charging a battery when it runs out. 

The real difference resides in: solar power, silence, and safety. 

These batteries are reliable, renewable, can be powered by either the sun or just plug it in as you would your cellphone. It’s that easy. No more worrying about fighting people at the gas station for fuel or worrying about whether there will be gas by the time you get there. 

The Benefits of Lithium-Ion Batteries


Lion Energy has a variety of sizes for you to choose from, so you can take power anywhere and at any time. Lithium-ion batteries and generators exist to be portable sources of power for your convenience. They also can lower the cost of utility bills depending on how you use them.

Lithium-ion batteries and generators have the ability to charge many appliances and devices around your home. Its energy can come from the sun, as well as the battery. Your house would not be affected unless you so choose to use the wall outlet, thus saving you money. 

Environmentally Friendly

A solar power charge eliminates the need to rely on limited resources. Lithium-ion batteries also don’t release any toxic fumes into the air, so they can be used indoors, and can be recharged repeatedly over the years. A single charge on its own, if not used, can hold for upwards to a year or more.


Lithium-ion batteries do not make noise. They also do not require a lot of maintenance outside of charging from regular use. And while they cost more than a gas-based generator, negating the need for fuel or repeated maintenance lowers the cost overall.

Lithium-ion is a more reliable source for many, but keep in mind that the type of power supply you purchase will determine how your devices are charged. 

Your Decision 

If you decide that lithium-ion is the best fit for you, Lion Energy has a wide variety of top-quality products for you to choose from. Check them out before they’re gone at! And always remember, Lion Energy is here for you and your needs.