How You Can Use DIY Solar Power in 2021

How You Can Use DIY Solar Power in 2021

Whew! 2020 is over and it’s time to begin anew. 

It’s a new year, so you’re probably thinking about some of the life changes you want to make this year. One of those changes you’re thinking about is starting to use solar power. The problem is, you’ve looked into the full-out professional solar power installation and realized something - it’s expensive. You really do want to start using solar power, but you need a realistic way to begin. 

And that’s why you started looking into DIY solar power. Lucky for you, there are DIY ways to start using solar power this year. And it won’t be nearly as overwhelming as the professional route would be. 

Misconceptions About Solar Power

Before we get into ways you can use DIY solar power this year, let’s clear up some misconceptions about solar power. 

A lot of people think that using solar power means installing tons of solar panels on the roof of their home, and that’s it. And yes, that is a way solar power can be used. But if you live in an area that has long winters or cheap energy, you might not want or need the full rooftop of panels. 

Did you know that it’s possible for you to use just one solar panel if you want to? Of course, one solar panel won’t power your entire home, but if you want to save costs, you can use one or two solar panels to power a few things in your home instead of the whole home.

People also think that solar panels really only have one use, to be attached to the roof of a building. But solar panels can actually have a lot more uses and be used in more places than you might realize. With DIY solar power, you can use solar energy almost anywhere you go.

You see, solar power is a lot more versatile than most people think. And realizing how versatile it is can really help you figure out the best ways for you to use it in your home and in your life. With DIY solar power, you can buy a simple kit and install a couple of panels yourself. And to get you started, here are three ways you can start to use DIY solar power this year. 

3 Ways You Can Use DIY Solar Power

1. Prepare for Emergencies

One of the best ways to use DIY solar power is for emergencies. Whether it’s a blizzard, a hurricane, or an earthquake, having solar power can be a perfect source of backup power when you need it most.

You might be wondering how solar power is supposed to help you if there’s a blizzard covering your solar panel with snow. It’s a great question, but it might not be as much of a problem as you think.

If you live in an area that doesn’t seem to have enough sunlight to make solar panels worthwhile, then you might be surprised to find out that there’s a way to get around that. If you pair your solar panels with large lithium battery banks, then you can use solar power to charge the batteries when you do have sunshine and store the power for when you have emergencies. It’s a convenient and sustainable way to prepare for emergencies. 

But some emergencies don’t block out the sun, like when an earthquake happens or power lines are knocked out by a car. In those situations, you’ll need power, but you’ll still have access to the sun. So you can use your DIY solar power to keep necessities in your home operating as best as possible until full power can be restored. 

2. Power Your Workspace

Maybe you recently decided that it was time for you to set up a new workspace. After working from home more in 2020, a lot of people are starting to set up better home workspaces. Or maybe you’ve started setting up a she-shed for your newest passion projects. If you’ve been setting up anything like this recently, consider using DIY solar power to power that workspace. 

For example, if you are setting up a she-shed (or a similar shed workspace), then you could easily install a solar panel or two on top of the shed. That would give you enough power to run your computer, your tools, and more for that small space. 

And again, if you’re concerned about having enough sunlight to power your workspace, you can pair the solar panels with lithium batteries to store power so even on low sunshine days, you can have the power you need. 

3. Take Solar Power With You

Yes, you did read that right. With DIY solar power, you can have solar power almost anywhere you go. And it isn’t as difficult as you might expect.

There are solar panels on the market that are designed to be lightweight and portable. They fold up and have handles so you can easily carry them with you wherever you go, and when you’re ready to set them up, just unfold the panel and the attached legs so it sits up at just the right angle.

Having portable solar panels means you can use solar power when you’re camping to power your stove or even your RV. It means you can keep your phone charged on the beach. All you need is a spot of sun and a cable to connect your devices to the solar panel. 

Using solar power away from home is the simplest way to use it because it requires no installation and no tools. It’s literally as simple as unfolding and connecting. 

Sustainable Power Can Start Small

You’ll notice that the three ways we’ve mentioned you could use DIY solar power are small and simple. That’s because, even though it would be nice to completely run your home on solar power, you don’t have to do such expensive or overwhelming things to start using sustainable energy. 

Using DIY solar power in smaller ways can make a big difference as well. Using solar power with batteries instead of using gas generators, for example, will make your camping experience easier and more enjoyable. Big changes start with small actions, so this year, take those first small steps toward a more sustainable life. 

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