Tornado Preparation Must Haves

Tornado Preparation Must Haves

Tornado season is scary in many parts of the country like Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, etc. While these areas are common for tornados, it is unfortunate that so many people within these areas are not prepared for a tornado. In an effort to make sure you are prepared for a tornado here are the steps before, during and after. 


- Know your insurance coverage, have photos of your property
- Identify a safe place to take refuge - basement or inside a room
- Develop a family communication plan
- Gather necessary supplies such as water, first aid kit, battery-operated device or rechargeable device, batteries, a portable generator, etc. 

- Seek shelter as soon as the sirens go off
- Keep your head down and cover with your hands/arms or mattress, blanket, etc. 
- Utilize your portable device to ensure it is safe to come out and the storm is over

- If separated from family, try contacting them, FEMA or Red Cross
- Be careful where you walk &/or drive as debris could continue to fall from structures, bridges, etc. 
- Keep away from loose and dangling power lines
- Keep your mobile phone charged with a portable energy source
- Never use a gas generator inside any home or structure