Lion Cub JC

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  • Jump Starter for 6.0L and smaller Gas Engines

  • Air Compressor

  • USB Power


Lion Cub JC

Jump-Starter, Air Compressor, USB Power, Flashlight
Jump Starter
Jump-start cars, trucks, boats, ATVs and more.
Air Compressor
Easily inflate low tires up to 120 psi.
USB Power
Recharge phones, tablets, and other USB devices.


DSLR Camera
USB Reading Lamp

The Lion Cub JC™ provides portable power to jump-start your vehicle, provide air to tires, and power to many USB devices.

e.g. Phones, Cameras, Lamps, and Tablets.
Enjoy these benefits over lead-acid chargers:
  • Lasts Longer
  • Holds Charge Longer
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Fast Charge Time
  • Weighs Less
  • More Portable

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Questions about Cub JC

The Cub JC is the latest in portable battery technology for portable power needs. It is a light weight and powerful unit that will power your devices, jump your vehicle, or put air in your tires.
It will power anything that takes a USB port for charging or powering. It will jump-start most vehicles: cars, light trucks, UTV/ATV, motorcycles, riding lawn mowers, boats, and more. The Cub JC has 480A to jump start vehicles, it has 14,000mAh energy capacity.
Charge retention is 1+ year.
If you are in an emergency with a dead battery, flat tires, dead battery in your mobile device, this unit will come to the rescue.
The Cub JC performs great in most weather conditions.
It weighs in at only 4.6 pounds. The dimensions are 7.6” L x 4” W x 2.2”.
Life cycles are 2500+, so it will last longer than most rechargable units.

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