Andrew Pica

Meet Andrew Pica

Andrew and his wife Stephanie have lived full time in their renovated fifth wheel camper for four years in an area of Northern Michigan known for its snowfall and cold temperatures! Lots of folks thought they were crazy but they love a good challenge! They’re constantly working to break the mold by living a simpler life focused on enjoying experiences, rather than things. In fact, they love RV life so much that they purchased a pickup camper last summer and spent 2 months on the road while exploring the western US. They never go without their two dogs Vedder & Ransom, and also their cat Gale! Back home in Michigan they both work from home and they’ve worked hard to create a one of a kind off grid setup for they're fifth wheel. They chose to forgo the power company and produce their own electricity with a combination of solar, wind and a propane generator. They store this power in our Lion Energy 1300 batteries.


"These batteries have been invaluable to us this winter as we constantly experienced -20 degree temperatures!"

-Andrew Pica


Andrew's Top Lion Energy Product

Lion Energy 1300™

Andrew stores his energy in the Lion Energy 1300 batteries. Living in an area of Northern Michigan Andrew is constantly battling -20 degree temperatures in his RV. only strong lithium batteries are able to withstand these circumstances while having incredibly fast charging times and long-lasting performances.

"These batteries [live] up to the hype and put our previous lithium batteries to shame lasting twice as long and charging in a fraction of the time! We’ll never be without them!" -Andrew Pica