Trevor Smithson

Explorer | Photographer | Roamer

Meet Trevor Smithson

Trever and his wife are just two people who love the outdoors and adventures. We have both always been extreme opposites but the one thing we've always agreed on was our love for the exploring out planet. We've always said, "when it gets down to it; taking care of our earth shouldn't be something that gets mixed up in politics. It shouldn't matter if you're republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, Christian, Muslim, or atheists. Enjoying and taking care of nature is something that should go hand-in-hand and that we should all just naturally agree on and do." Leave politics out of nature.

We've always wanted a full time life travel. We're both pretty minimalistic when it comes to needing "stuff" and both our jobs require travel and remote work; so the tiny house life style just made sense for us and always looked appealing.

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