Morningside - Prowler Solar Kit


Take power with you wherever you go. Power your USB-based devices with the versatility of the Lion Prowler power bank.

  • Easy to Use – Plug in any USB device that needs power
  • Convenient – Easy to transport, lightweight and fits in your back pocket, backpack, carry bag or clipped on with a carabiner
  • Durable – Rugged design and comfortable to hold in your hand
  • Versatile – Light your way with a strong LED light source for any outdoor or indoor need.

50W Foldable Solar Panels

Never run out of power with our foldable 50W solar panel. You can either recharge the Lion Prowler or connect directly to any USB-based device. Weighing only 3 lbs. and a folded size of less than 12"x12", our foldable solar panel can go anywhere you do.