Best Uses for New Portable Solar Panels

Are solar panels really that useful? You’ve seen portable solar panels for sale more and more lately, and now you’re wondering if you should finally start using them. But before you buy solar panels, you want to be sure that you’ll be able to make good use of them. 

We have good news for you - you can use solar panels a lot more than you might think. We’ve come up with a few ideas to show you how versatile these panels can be. Frankly, the solar panels for sale these days are made to be extremely versatile, so there are probably dozens of ways you could end up using solar panels in your life. All it takes is the right tools and creativity to use solar panels in the best ways possible.

Why Buy Portable Solar Panels for Sale

You might be wondering, “Why portable solar panels?” Most people get solar panels and have them installed on the roof of their home. There’s good reason to get permanent solar panels on your home - after all, they help you use more clean energy and save you money in the long run. But what if you could have those same benefits away from home too?

Portable solar panels are made lighter than permanent solar panels making them easy to take with you anywhere you want to go. You’ll have clean and constant energy. It used to be that solar energy was only accessible to a few people, but with portable solar panels for sale on the market, solar energy is much more accessible for everyone. 

Best Portable Solar Panel Uses

The great thing about portable solar panels for sale right now is that they can be used in so many places and ways. Solar energy isn’t limited to housetops anymore, and that means you can make a bigger impact on the environment when you choose to use solar in more places and situations than you ever have before. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Power Your Shed

Some solar panels for sale are designed to be portable but can be permanently installed as well. And, good news for you, you can easily install these panels on your own, which will save you time and money. Your shed is a good place to try installing these solar panels. You can use the solar power in your shed to power your tools, keep a light running, and maybe even run your sprinkler system. You’ll not only get off the grid a bit, but you’ll save money in the process, and that’s always a benefit. 

The best way, in our opinion, to make the most of a solar panel is to attach it to a lithium-ion battery so that the solar energy is stored even when you aren’t using it. That way you always have clean energy available to use, even if the solar panel isn’t getting enough sun one day.  Keeping an extra supply of power in your shed will definitely come in useful in ways you never expected. 

Clean, Quiet Camping “Generator” 

One way you’ll absolutely want to try out your new solar panels will be taking them camping. Lots of people used to (and still do) use gas-powered generators while camping so they could have the electricity they needed to do certain things. 

But honestly, portable gas-generators are a thing of the past (or will be soon), and for good reason. Those generators are expensive to run, a hassle to maintain, and noisier than anything should be in a campground. And with portable solar power becoming more common, there’s zero reason to still use a gas generator while camping. Solar panels and lithium-ion batteries are the exact opposite of gas-powered generators - silent, little to no maintenance, and no extra costs after purchasing. And, of course, they are cleaner and kinder to the environment, which makes camping so much more enjoyable. 

When you get to your campsite, just unfold the solar panel, set it up at a good angle to the sun, attach it to the lithium-ion battery, and that’s it. The solar panel will keep the battery charged, and you’ll be able to connect any device or tool to the battery when you need power. Simple as that.

Next-Level Tailgates

Maybe you’re not sure that a solar panel can power as much as you want it to power all at once. If you need extra power, you can link multiple solar panels and batteries together to make an even more powerful energy system. And a tailgate is the perfect place to do that.

At a good tailgate, you want music playing, food cooking, drinks chilling, and TVs going all at once. Not to mention keeping your phone charged so you can get all the sports updates to the minute. You’re using a lot of energy at once, and again, a gas-generator roaring in the background is going to ruin the whole thing. So set up your solar panel system, connect all your phones, turn on the TVs, and hook up the minifridges. Yep, you’ll be able to have enough power to keep it all going. 

Emergency Energy

Solar panels and their partnered battery storage can bring you peace of mind when emergency situations come up. Maybe you need to evacuate, maybe the power was knocked out for a few days, or maybe you just need to live out of your car for a few days. If you have a solar panel, you’ll still have access to power when you need it most. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your phones will stay charged enough to keep in contact with loved ones or up to date on weather warnings. You’ll have the energy available to stay connected in a tough situation. 

Lion Energy’s Solar Panels for Sale

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