Energy Crisis Update

Utah business gives the gift of Portable Power to War Stricken zone.


Frank Davis, founder and CEO of Lion Energy of American Fork, talks about how he sent over $400k of solar/powered generators that will provide power for families and troops in War Zone. As we head more and more into Energy Crisis, solar generators are on the rise.

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Lion Energy was recently recognized as a Utah business stepping up and providing one of the greatest needs in a war zone right now — Power.

The story featured many companies doing their part to donate to those in need. The biggest story was about a local woman who has family living in bomb shelters without power or light.

Soldiers are currently lining the streets where Svitlana Miller grew up .

"It’s always been a really beautiful city, so it’s hard to see the streets destroyed and the buildings gone,” said Miller. Svitlana came to Utah 30 years ago for school and she says it's hard to be safe in the US while her family remains in over sea.

“We’ve been trying to call my dad, we lost touch when the war started," shared Miller. "We don’t know where he is but that doesn’t necessarily mean the worst. There are a lot of people lost right now.”

Frank Davis, founder and CEO of Lion Energy of American Fork. He demonstrates how one of his company’s portable solar/powered generators can create power for families and troops in Ukraine.

“It’s one of the number one things they are looking for: portable power. It’s not available,” said Frank Davis, founder and CEO of Lion Energy.

With their streets and towns destroyed, many have lost power in country and have no light and no way to charge their devices. It’s one of the reasons Frank Davis realized he could help.

“I said, give me a wish list what do you need besides, you know… and it came out that they need portable power," said Davis.

Davis is the founder and CEO of Lion Energy in American Fork, a company specializes in energy storage systems from whole home energy back up, to portable units both small and large. You can take in your car or purse to even powering your fridge.

“For a bunker the size of half a football field, you could string these lights up and have the necessary power for communication and lights,” Davis said.

Lion Energy is sending three different products that are all powered by solar energy, with the battery technology in the systems able charge everything once, and it will stay charged for a year.

“If anybody has gone through a power outage and experienced being in the dark. It’s debilitating, and if you can imagine these people being in a bunker, day and night without lights, I can’t even fathom what it’s like emotionally, mentally to deal with that. Giving them light is more than physical light, it enlightens their life and gives them hope,” said Davis.


Miller is grateful for the gift of power of light and the hope of connection.

“At this point they have no way of reaching out to their families. If they could just have power to charge up their phones. The internet is there and they could connect and let us know what’s going on.”

The need for power is so great in Eastern Europe right now, that the government officials reached out to Davis and his team. Officials are picking up the portable power unit and flying it over to help the many people in need.

A story like this reminds us all to make sure we are prepared for any unfavorable situtions that might be in store for our near future. We are seeing a increase in blackouts, brownouts, hurricanes, tornados, and the existing power grind is over taxed....all of this is contributing to the current Energy Crisis. Solutions like the one Lion Energy offers is making the difference.  

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