Lion Energy Vs Others

Are you in the market for a portable power unit? Although we have many of the same specs as competitors, there are some key differences. Here’s why Lion Safari UT is the most powerful and efficient portable power supply.

Why Choose the Lion Safari UT

  1. Competitors don't have as much continues output or power. Other batteries only have 100 continuous Amps, while Lion Energy has 150 Amps. This means we can power more. Amp Hours (Ah) is how long something lasts and Amps (A) is how much power.
  1. Other lithium batteries don't have enough power spikes (surge in Amps) to power things that require more power, such as a dump trailer.  The Safari UT can do 900A for a millisecond (a spike) then approximately 250A for one minute and 150A continuous (how much power it puts out) capacity. It can power your cabin, 5th wheel, boat, dump trailer, shed, and motorhome.
  1. Using lithium-ion technology, the Safari UT can be drained and recharged over 3,500 times, outlasting any lead-acid battery by years. That's why we back it with a lifetime warranty. The life of this Lithium battery is 14 times that of deep cycle lead acid batteries.
  1.  While other power supplies weigh 31 pounds, Lion Safari UT weighs just over 20 pounds.
  1. Our customer service is second to none. To ensure you get your Safari UT in a timely fashion, we ship within 48 hours. Plus, no product ever leaves our shop without being thoroughly tested to ensure it meets our high standards.

Additional Benefits of the Safari UT

The Lion Safari UT lithium battery provides superior energy storage than common lead-acid batteries. Enjoy all these great benefits over lead-acid batteries:

  • Last longer
  • Longer run time
  • Zero maintenance
  • Fast charge time
  • Weighs less
  • Green safe

Safari UT has laser welded bus bars and minimized internal resistance to reduce heat generation under high load situations. It also comes with screw terminals and post adapters to accommodate most installations. We provide portable power that is silent, safe, and renewable. It gives you peace of mind in emergencies and power for your work and play anytime, anywhere.


  • Lion Energy

    For repair or replacement, contact customer service at 1-385-375-8191. Do not ship unit until you
    receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from customer service at Lion Energy.
    Lion Energy will not be responsible for any shipping or handling damage.
    This warranty for the unit is extended to the original purchaser or user and it covers defects in
    materials and workmanship. The Safari UT 1300 has a limited lifetime warranty of the battery
    cells, rated at 80% of the capacity (105Ah x .8 = 84Ah).
    Under extreme use (maximum charge and discharge rates) the battery cells expected life
    cycle is 3500. At “normal usage” the expected life cycles will be greater.
    This warranty is invalidated if any of the following occurs, but not limited to:
    ● Failure to follow the instructions in the User’s Manual.
    ● Accidental or unreasonable use, misuse, over charging or loading, or normal wear.
    ● Extended storage without recharging or repairs done by an unauthorized person or
    ● Opening or modifying the battery casing
    This warranty is in lieu of all other express warranties. Lion Energy will not be liable for
    consequential or incidental damages. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by
    Lion Energy could void the user’s authority to operate this device.

  • Ramon Barger

    Tech Team,
    I have a 2019 Airstream (50 amp) with a PD9260 Converter/Charger (with mode Wizard pendant), plus have three Zamp (flexible, parallel) 100W panels with a Zamp 30A PWM controller. From a prior RV, I also have a 120W portable Nature Power solar briefcase where I replaced the dumb 8A controller with a Zamp 15A PWM controller – the briefcase plugs into my Zamp solar port.

    I needed more battery capacity to power my wife’s CPAP (with humidifier ~60W sustained), plus run the heater fan (~100W cycles on/off) during the night when winter boondocking in my local Southern California deserts. To increase battery capacity, I replaced my two 80Ah lead acid Interstates with two Lion Energy Safari UT 1200 90Ah (total 180Ah; 2304Wh) lithium batteries. I also changed both the Zamp controllers battery type setting to be compatible with the lithium batteries. When on 120v shore power, I use the PD Wizard pendant to invoke boost mode charging at 14.4v for the lithium batteries. When boondocking, besides solar, if it’s cloudy I use a paired set of Honda EU2000i propane generators (30A equivalent into shore power plug) , to supplement recharging of the batteries through the PD converter/charger. I didn’t have a battery monitor, so I bought a Victron BMV-712. I watched the Victron and other YouTube videos to get a feel for the 712 settings, but I’m still not sure I’ve got them all correct for my Safari UT lithiums. So, my request: Could you send me your recommended 712 settings for the Lion Energy lithium batteries? Also, in my iOS iPhone battery settings screen there are buttons for Synchronizing and for Zero Current – how and when do I set these up with the Safari UT’s? Finally, in the future could I add another lithium battery (Safari UT 1300) for a 3-battery bank that will work with my existing solar controller and converter/charger set-up?

    I appreciate any assistance you can provide – OK to call or text me if needed.
    …Ray (mobile/text: 1(619) 985-9140

  • Randy Peterson

    Please post a text copy of your warranty. Would love to have your battery, but will not buy until there is a written warranty I can have in hand before buying. RandyP

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