Portable Power in Classrooms

Portable Power in Classrooms

Teachers, you have a lot on your plate. You have students to care for and teach, assignments to grade, constant preparations and planning, implementing safety protocols, and so much more that we non-teachers probably don’t even realize. 

Because of all this, you need things to go right as much as possible. You need devices to work and cars to run. You need to feel safe and prepared. So why leave these things to chance?

It’s important to make sure that you’re prepared for the inevitable low battery in a device or a power outage. The school may not have everything you need and want for these situations, so it’s time to step up and encourage your school to be ready - or to simply take preparations into your own hands. 

Portable power in your classroom will give you the security and peace of mind you need to help you be the best teacher you can be. You’ll always know that you have backup for almost any situation that tries to mess up your plans. So here are some of our recommendations to get you started incorporating portable power into your classroom.

Lithium Batteries to Keep Devices Charged During Class Activities

While some schools still have rules against using cell phones in class, it’s becoming more and more common for teachers to use cell phones and tablets for learning activities or review games like Kahoot. 

The problem with this is that sometimes students’ devices will run out of power mid-activity. When this happens, the student can no longer participate in the activity, which limits their opportunities to learn and review. 

There are also times when students need to use laptops or tablets during class if they are working on writing a paper, and if there aren’t enough power outlets in the classroom, some students may not be able to complete their work while in class. Or maybe you’re the one using your laptop to teach students who can’t be physically present in the classroom but can join in on a video call. Video calls can drain computer charge quickly, and you don’t want your laptop to die in the middle of class. 

A great way to combat these issues with devices in the classroom is by keeping a few lithium-based power units handy. These portable power units are small enough to easily store in a classroom, have a long lifespan, and are some of the more powerful and affordable lithium-ion batteries on the market. Our top two recommendations for your classrooms are:

Lion Safari LT

The Lion Safari LT is a lightweight power unit capable of replacing portable generators. It charges quickly, holds a charge for a year (if not used), and can be drained and recharged at least 1000 times in its lifetime. 

The Safari LT is a good option if you don’t use devices a lot in your classroom, but need a few extra outlets around just in case. It has four USB outputs and two AC outputs, making it easy for anyone to charge their phone or laptop. It also has two 12V outputs for extra versatility. 

If only a couple of students use it to charge their devices periodically, you shouldn’t have to charge the Safari LT very often. It can charge a cell phone for up to 72 hours or about 25 times before it needs to be charged itself. 

The Safari LT is a handy option to use in the classroom, but if more students need backup power, you may want a different option.

Lion Cub GO

The Lion Cub GO is a small lithium-ion battery that weighs less than 3 pounds and can easily fit in a purse or backpack. It’s smaller than the Lion Safari LT and has few outlets, but if you keep several in your classroom, you could hand them out to students as needed. 

One advantage the Lion Cub GO has over the Safari LT right now is that it would allow students to maintain social distancing from each other. With the Safari LT, students would have to gather around the battery to use it, but with the Lion Cub GO, students can charge their devices without getting too close to each other. 

The Lion Cub GO also be charged over 1000 times in its lifetime and hold its charge for up to a year as well. It has one AC output, one 12V output, and two USB outputs, so students would be able to charge any device they have with them.

With its small size and weight, the Lion Cub GO is particularly well-suited to the needs of a teacher and students. Not only is it helpful for classroom activities, but it’s also useful during an emergency and to take on-the-go.

Portable Power to Keep Handy on Field Trips

When you take students on a field trip, it’s important to be completely prepared for anything that could happen. Your phone needs to be fully charged and you need to be ready for vehicle trouble if your group is too small to take a bus. 

We’ve already mentioned the Lion Cub GO, but it’s worth mentioning again here. Because it’s small enough to fit in most bags, it’s an ideal way to keep your phone charged and ready to go if you need to contact any parents or have an emergency. 

Cub PB

Another option that can keep your phone charged all day is the Cub PB. It’s a tiny solar power bank that you can keep in your pocket or bag, so if you have an outdoor field trip, it would be super convenient to connect your phone to. It can charge devices that connect to USB outputs and it’s a clean, renewable way to stay prepared.

The best part is that it’s extremely affordable. You can order several of them for less than $100, making it easy for other chaperones to stay charged and prepared as well. 

Lion Cub JC

Sometimes when you have smaller groups on a field trip, you can’t take a bus to and from your destination. In situations like this, it’s important to be prepared for car troubles. That’s why the Lion Cub JC is good to take along for the ride.

The Lion Cub JC is a small lithium-ion powered jump starter, air compressor, and charger. When you have this unit with you, you won’t have to worry about dead car batteries, flat tires, or devices that need charging. It can do all of these things. It also has a built-in flashlight in case your car trouble happens at night. 

The lithium-ion battery power in the Lion Cub JC has several benefits over lead-acid chargers. For example, the Lion Cub JC will last longer and hold its charge longer. It also weighs less and requires zero maintenance to stay functional. 

Power Options to Keep Students Safe During an Emergency

We always hope that school can be a safe place, but sometimes there are emergencies that happen at school. Portable power units may not help with all of these emergencies, but they can be helpful for natural disasters and power outages. Lithium-ion batteries are a helpful tool during these situations because you can still have access to power without the need to use wall outlets, which might not be safe or functional during such an emergency.

Once again, having the Lion Cub GO in your classroom would be helpful in a power outage or natural disaster. It’s easy to move around the room with you and has a powerful, built-in flashlight in case the school loses power and light. 

The Lion Safari LT is another one worth repeating for emergency situations because it can outlast the Lion Cub GO if you need power for long periods of time and has more power output options. But there’s another option that’s even more powerful for these situations.

Lion Safari ME

The Lion Safari ME is a professional grade lithium-ion power unit, and it’s made to be used all day without giving out. It can charge on solar power or a wall outlet, and once it’s charged, it can hold its charge for a solid year. And it can be recharged over 2500 times in its lifetime. 

The Safari ME has two AC outputs, four USB outputs, and two different 12V outputs. This makes it extremely versatile despite its larger size. 

There’s also an option to “expand” the Safari ME’s power. The expansion connects to the main Safari ME battery to triple the overall storage capacity of the battery. This expansion can hold its charge for up to 2 years without losing it. 

Find the Right Portable Power Unit for Your Students

When you’re going into a new school year, especially one that already has more uncertainty than usual, the last thing you want is to be unprepared for the unexpected. Life is unpredictable, as this year has proved, so don’t wait until there is a problem to prepare. Prepare now so you have less to worry about and the security that comes from having back-up power. Check out our portable power units here to find what you need for your classroom this year.