Lion Energy Launches the Lion Sanctuary™ 12K

Lion Sanctuary™ 12K is a safe, cost-effective home and office energy storage system solution

American Fork, Utah, March 23, 2023 — Lion Energy, a leader in safe, silent and eco-friendly power solutions that help individuals, families and organizations become energy independent, today announced the launch of Lion Sanctuary 12K, a powerful hybrid solar inverter and lithium iron phosphate energy storage system that harnesses energy from a variety of sources to power homes and offices. In addition to keeping the power on when the grid is down, the Lion Sanctuary 12K delivers ongoing cost-saving opportunities for home and business owners.

The Lion Sanctuary 12K utilizes the company’s proprietary LionESS™ technology which enables customers to store virtually any type of renewable power generated (such as solar), as well as non-renewable sources (utility grid and gasoline generators). Proprietary software monitors the level of energy storage and pulls power from the least expensive source at the best possible time, meaning homeowners are always using the most economical, eco-friendly option. The Lion App, a key component of LionESS, provides data and control at the user's fingertips, making it easy for anyone to efficiently store and use energy without having to be technologically savvy.

“Whether you live in an area susceptible to rolling blackouts during summer heatwaves, winter ice storms that rip down power lines or hurricanes and tornadoes that disrupt the power grid for an extended period of time, there has never been a more urgent time for homeowners to invest in a home battery energy storage system,” said Tyler Hortin, president of Lion Energy. “The Lion Sanctuary 12K mitigates the inconvenience of grid outages by providing a critical energy back up to run your home’s essentials — including refrigerators, lights, outlets, furnaces and Wi-Fi — or even your whole home, until the grid is restored.”

Beyond providing peace of mind from power outages, Lion Sanctuary can dramatically reduce monthly energy costs for homeowners living in areas with peak energy pricing by collecting energy from the grid during lower peak pricing periods or by utilizing solar panels and then allocating that energy for use during peak pricing periods. It allows time of use functionality.

“In addition to monthly energy bill savings, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 rewards homeowners with a 30% tax credit for installing new energy systems like the Lion Sanctuary 12K,” said Hortin. “In addition, some local utilities offer cash rebates and other incentives for installing select home battery energy storage systems, making the return on investment potentially even faster.” Check with your local utility company for details.

Featuring an efficient 8K hybrid inverter/charger with a powerful lithium iron phosphate 13.5kWh battery, the Lion Sanctuary 12K is the safest and most cost-effective home energy storage system on the market. It virtually eliminates dangerous fumes and fire issues, so it can be installed indoors unlike lithium NMC systems. Different from many leading home energy solutions, the Lion Sanctuary 12K doesn’t require any additional equipment to be purchased and offers a 10-year warranty with an optional upgrade to a 25-year warranty.

Homeowners may purchase the Lion Sanctuary 12K system, including installation, directly from the Lion Energy website ( if using energy storage separately or downline from an existing solar installation. Lion Energy will provide homeowners wishing to combine a Lion Sanctuary 12K system with a new solar installation with a vetted provider in their area that can sell the unit and provide installation.

For larger energy needs such as in offices and businesses, Lion Energy offers Lion POWERsave™. Available in a series of different sizes, Lion POWERsave provides flexible modular solutions that can be customized to meet larger, more specific energy storage needs with power and capacity ranging from 30kW/50kWh to 1.5MW/2.2MWh. Custom POWERsave solutions can be used in a variety of settings and industries including utilities, police, military, hospitals, airports, schools, railroads and data centers.

Lion Energy is a leading manufacturer of safe, silent and eco-friendly power solutions for everyday needs. The road to energy independence affects all aspects of life including how everyone lives and interacts with one another at home, at work or at play. Regardless of where they are on this path, Lion Energy has an U.S.-designed and engineered power solution, based in American Fork, Utah, that can be used indoors or outdoors. Leading the way with innovative Lithium energy smart storage technologies known as LionESS™ and through rigorous testing, Lion Energy provides the broadest and most innovative suite of energy storage solutions on the market today, from hand-held portable device charging to portable solar generators to home, commercial and industrial battery systems. For more information, visit a href="//">