Tyson Henrie

Founder of Outlaw Bike Team | Founder of Arrowhead Ski Team

Meet Tyson Henrie

Tyson wears many hats in his pursuit to forge what he calls Higher Level Humans. He is the founder of the Outlaw Bike Team, the Arrowhead Ski Team, and the Utah Mountain Sports Academy and continues to coach and operate each. These programs house over 300 athletes and 70 coaches in Utah and 20+ across the country. The primary focus of these programs is to get kids outdoors and foster a tough, competitive mindset and strong bodies. As our world rapidly changes, kids need nature more than ever to help them take a deep breath, connect with something bigger, and just have fun!  


"From bike camps in the desert, to tuning skis at a race, to BBQs in the parking lot, Lion Energy enhances team activities and provides more opportunities for these athletes to pursue their dreams and learn more about our beautiful world."

-Tyson Henrie

Tyson's Top 2 Lion Energy Products

Safari ME™

The Safari ME™ (XP optional expansion battery) is a powerful solar generator that powers virtually anything you can plug into a standard wall outlet (15A) – power tools, refrigerators, freezers, air compressors, TVs, medical devices, blenders, and so much more!

Beginner DIY Solar Power Kit™

The Beginner DIY Solar Power Kit™ is a quick and easy way to be up and running with solar power anywhere. It comes with all the necessary cables, connectors, and components. It's a convenient way to get power to sheds, cabins, campsites, gazebos, or anywhere else you need power.