Joseph Teti

Former Force Recon Marine | Published Author | Co-star of the show Dual Survival

Meet Joseph Teti

Joseph is a former Force Recon Marine, Army Special Forces "Green Beret", and a former operative in a highly classified government counter terrorist unit. He deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan numerous times. He is the co-star of the show Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel. He has survived in some of the harshest terrains on the planet. From the jungles of Sri Lanka, to the glaciers of Norway, to the deserts of Oman and everywhere in between. He is the author of the book, LONE OPERATOR, How to Thrive and Survive in Today's TImes. 

"Lion Energy gives me the sense of confidence that my gear is not going to fail me when the chips are down."

-Joseph Teti

Joseph's Top 2 Lion Energy Products

"When it comes to preparedness, I am a huge fan of having QUALITY products. The bottom line is this. When you are placed in a bad situation where your life may hang in the balance, there is no substitute for just an "OK" product." 

Safari ME™

The Safari ME™ (XP optional expansion battery) is a powerful solar generator that powers virtually anything you can plug into a standard wall outlet (15A) – power tools, refrigerators, freezers, air compressors, TVs, medical devices, blenders, and so much more!

Safari ME Expansion Pack

The ME-XP expansion pack gives you 3X the storage capacity of the battery inside the main Lion Safari ME solar generator when its connected to the ME (Safari ME is required).